1) Corporate Registrations    (2014-15)                                                               Click Here

2) Postmatric Scholarships For Fresh Registration (2013-14)                            Upload
     Registration Closed                                                                                      Documents

3) Postmatric Scholarships For Renewal Registration (2013-14)               Registration

4) Prematric Scholarships For SC/ST/BC Registration  (2013-14)              Click Here

5) Postmatric Aadhar No Re-Upload                                                            Click Here

6) Scanned Bank Pass Book Re-Upload for Postmatric Fresh
     and renewal Students (2013-14)                                                                 Click Here

7) Fresh Applications Scanned Documents (2012-13)                                   Click Here

8) Fresh Applications Scanned Documents (Minority) (2012-13)                Click Here

9) Fresh Application Scanned Documents (2011-12)                                     Click Here

10) Renewal Applications Edit Scanned Documents
      (2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14)                                                                        Click Here

11) Application Registration for Overseas Scholarships for                      Registration
      SC/ST Students.                                                                                         Closed
      Notifications;                                                                                               Print Here
      For SC :- GO.Ms.No.54 (Guidelines)                                                       Edit Details
      For ST :- GO.Ms.No.36 (Guidelines)                                                          Upload
      Provisonally Selected List.                                                                           I-Semister
                                                                                                                        Marks Memo

12)  Coaching to SC/ST Students for Eligibility Tests for                          Registration
       Addmission in Foreign Universities.                                                        Closed

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                                                                                                                       Confirmed List